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>>>> Adam Geyer's first published comic book "Little Ashley Taker" out NOW!!!

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The Old Shits is a three part comic book, featuring situations that revolve around a bunch of senior citizens residing in a retirement home known as Southland Senior Care Center (S.S.C.C.). They're old, they're dying and they're not holding back. There's also a side story developing in the background connecting the 3 parts, but that's for the reader to find out!  It contains very explicit material and it's politically incorrect to the MAX! Buy at your own risk, don't puss out! Mature Fuckers only!



The Old Shits # 1: We're Not taking shit, we're giving it!

Two precocious kids wearing masks, sneak into the S.S.C.C. looking for Bethaleena Milfhoor aka Loosey Lucy, a retired porn star, thinking they'll have the time of their lives, but things don't go as planned as circumstances involving the loony residents and staff entwine. You'll get introduced to Pippa the plumber, Miles Noland, the janitor, Sergeant B. Wankings, Doctor Shithead, Grampa Grumpics, Mr. Conehead, Old Man Jinx among other crazy shits.


32 Pages 5.5 X 8.5 in.
Only $5.00 + Shipping  Order Here




The Old Shits #2: Wake up and smell the shit!

In this issue you get to know new characters, plus the ones you already learned to love or hate, or hate to love, same shit! Like Mr. Willis Sinlord, a rich bastard who made his fortune from killing his family, but he's cursed and can not escape the Senior Center. Also, Dexturds Diphead (Mr. Conehead's once conjoint brother) is an evil genius who creates creatures in his spare time, despises humanity and turns the Abe Memorial into a killing machine, while Sgt. Wankings is left with no option but to try to destroy it. All this happens while the other tenants are absorbed into their own perverted pastimes.


32 Pages 5.5 X 8.5 in.
Only $5.00 + Shipping  Order Here







The Old Shits # 3:

The Grand Finale, Cumming Soon!!! Stay Tunned!!

 Pre-order Now!!





 Adam Geyer ?Copyright 1999-2014





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